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exquisite stone corpse


This work was made for Exquisite stone corpse shown at Stone Squid experimental art space, 2010.

Exquisite Corpse or cadavre exquis was the game of consequences as employed, most notably by the Surrealists, with the intention to engender chance unexpected outcomes in collective works - a word or two, or a small portion of a drawing left visible from the edge of folded paper passed on to, and evolved by the next person in the chain.

The Exquisite Stone Corpse was a group project by artists Judy Goldhill, Joanna Hill, Philip lee, Sophie Loss and John McDowall. Each of the five artists, who utilise different mediums in their practice, sequentially created a work developed from the previous participant's fragment.

This work was made in response to two fragments -  a yarmulke and sound extract:

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